Join our Pathshala classes which are already in session!

  1. We are moving the Pathshala back to “In-Person”.
  2. Classes will be on Sunday morning 10-11am.
  3. No fees for Pathshala but we want to start the tradition of giving something to the kids at the end of each class. Be it snacks or a small gift or even $1 per kid. Please let us know who all are interested in this as well as we want to start this from first class itself.
  4. Classes will be held at our new Derasar in Rancho Cordova
  5. We are also planning to do classes every Sunday. We will make sure not to have classes in any long weekends/Jain festivals (Paryushan/labor day/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years/Presidents Day/Spring break)
  6. In total, there will be 31 classes for the year and it’s tentative schedule is below. 

Sutra Class Roster

Sutra Class Roster


First Half (15):

  1. Aug 21 – Will ask kids from what they have learnt in previous year
  2. Sep 11 – Sutra
  3. Sep 18 – Non-Sutra
  4. Sep 25 – Sutra
  5. Oct 2 – Non-Sutra
  6. Oct 9 – Sutra
  7. Oct 16 – Non-Sutra
  8. Oct 23 – Sutra
  9. Oct 30 – Non-Sutra
  10. Nov 6 – Oral and Written exam of what’s been learnt in 2021-2022 year. Keeping it late for kids to pick up the pace and revise if they didn’t get a chance over summer vacation.
  11. Nov 13- Sutra
  12. Nov 20 – Non-Sutra
  13. Dec 4 – Sutra
  14. Dec 11 – Non-Sutra
  15. Dec 18 – Midterm Exam from 2022-2023 material

Second Half (16)

  1. Jan 8 – Sutra
  2. Jan 15 – Non-Sutra
  3. Jan 22 – Sutra
  4. Jan 29 – Non-Sutra
  5. Feb 5 – Sutra
  6. Feb 12 – Non-Sutra
  7. Feb 28 – Sutra
  8. Mar 5 – Non-Sutra
  9. Mar 12 – Sutra
  10. Mar 19 – Non-Sutra
  11. Mar 26 – Sutra
  12. Apr 16 – Non-Sutra
  13. Apr 23 – Sutra
  14. Apr 30 – Non-Sutra
  15. May 7 – Sutra
  16. May 14 – Final Exam from 2022-2023 material

More Information

We also plan to separate “Sutra” shala and “Non-Sutra” shala where basic jainism fundamentals/concepts will be covered. For both Sutra shala and non-sutra shala – this is what we plan to cover depending on kid’s level. If kids are learning Sutras needed for Samayik Vidhi, please put them in younger kids class.  

IMPORTANT: Kinjal, Purvi and Hiren are going to teach younger and older kids classes for Sutra and some part of non-sutra as well but we want more parents participation and need volunteers to start teaching non-sutra material. Please let us know who all are interested and we will sync up and co- ordinate on they can teach. Please reach out to us. We would love to take help of grand-parents as well during this in-person class for both sutra and non-sutra. We want to make it as much interesting as possible for kids so please join hands with us and be part of the journey.

If there is any other suggestion to increase student participation in Pathshala class, please let us know.

All sutras needed for Samayik Vidhi

  • Navkar Mantra
  • Panchindiya
  • Khamasamano sutra
  • Suguru Sukh-Shata Pruchha sutra
  • Abbhuthhio Sutra
  • Iriyavahiyam sutra
  • Tassa uttari sutra
  • Annathha sutra
  • Logassa sutra
  • Karemi bhante sutra
  • Samayik parvanu sutra

All sutras needed for Chaityavandan Vidhi

  • Jagchintamani chaityavandan sutra
  • Jankinchi sutra
  • Namuthhunam sutra
  • Javanti cheiayim sutra
  • Javant kevi sahu sutra
  • Panchparmeshthi namaskar sutra
  • Uvasaggaharam sutra
  • Jayviyaray sutra
  • Arihant cheianam sutra
  • Kallankandam sutra

Some of the sutras needed during Pratikraman vidhi

  • Sansardava sutra
  • Pukkharvaradi sutra
  • Siddhanam buddhanam sutra
  • Veyavachchagaranam sutra
  • Bhagwanadivandan sutra
  • Devasi padikkamane thau sutra
  • Ichchami thami sutra
  • Suguru vandana sutra
  • Devasiyam aaloum sutra
  • Saat lakh sutra
  • Adhar papsthanak sutra
  • Vanditu sutra (for kids who are already more than half way in this section)
  • Darshan Stuti (es)

For non-sutra shala, this is what we envision to cover

Exam for JES102 book for older kids (Basics of Jainism) – We covered this book over past couple of years. Younger kids learned up to chapter 7 in this book so they will continue learning further.

JES203 – The first Step of Jainism – We will start working on this book this year. After keeping 1 for us, we’ve 11 other copies of this book. For each copy it’s $7. Let us know whoever needs it.

JES203Q – Work Book – The First Step of Jainism – This is a work book going to be used for homework and checking self-knowledge. We will order this depending on how many kids are going to be studying JES203 book.