Helping Hands

JCGS Helping Hands

In the spirit of Jain principles and random acts of kindness, JCGS announces a new initiative called JCGS Helping Hands.

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JCGS Helping Hands tries to match a community member needing help with the community member who can provide help.

Some examples for JCGS Helping Hands acts of kindness:

  • Rides: Seniors may need rides to come to the Derasar or to a JCGS event
    • Can you give a hand by offering a ride?
  • Time: A family member may be sick or disabled for a prolonged time
    • Can you give a hand by relieving the family for a short time and give some company?
    • Can you give a hand by helping run a few errands?
  • Skill: A member may need some basic 101 knowledge on technology or even schoolwork?
    • Can you give a hand by offering computer lessons or basic internet usage?
    • Can you give a hand with car repairs, cell phones updates, even tutoring, etc.?

Here is how JCGS Helping Hands works:

  • Need a hand? Email
    • When you need a helping hand, please email us and one of our committee members from JCGS’s Helping Hands team will get the details.
  • Give a hand
    • We have a WhatsApp group for members willing to give a hand. All helping hand requests are posted on the group. If a volunteer can meet that request, the committee member will pass the volunteers information to the person in need.

Please note that not all helping-hand requests may be honored. All volunteers will be required to be respectful and mindful of privacy.