New Derasar

From humble beginnings...

Elk Grove Derasar
Elk Grove Murtis
Rancho Cordova Derasar

To new endeavors...

The JCGS has an exciting opportunity to move it’s headquarters and primary place of worship to a new, central location that will better serve the Jain families of the Greater Sacramento area.

Why move?

Rancho Cordova Derasar

Growing Jain population

The number of Jain families in the Sacramento region has been increasing

Rising Construction Costs

The dream of a proper mandir is still alive but we have to be realistic of the rising costs to construct something new

Great Opportunity

The WFH movement has created a great opportunity to purchase real estate at a great price


This new center is centrally located and easily accessible to a majority of Jain families

How Can I Help?

The JCGS needs your help!

Read about the project

More information about this pious endeavor can be found at the following links:

Spread the word

Tell your friends, family, and other Derasars locally or abroad of our needs. Refer to the documents above for more information or let us know who we can talk to.


We are in need of funding to complete our purchase. We are close to reaching our goal for the down payment, but more funds are needed for renovations and upkeep.


Like most Jain centers, the JCGS runs on the help and support of volunteers. Join our team in any way you can!