Join our Pathshala classes which are already in session!

Pathshala updates
  • 1. Pathshala moved back to “In-Person” since 2022.
  • 2. Classes will be on Sunday morning 10.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. (10.30 a.m. -11 a.m. Kesar puja/ practical derasar activity followed by Pathshala from 11 – 12 p.m.)
  • 3. Classes will be held at our new Derasar in Rancho Cordova.
  • 4. There is a non-refundable $25 registration fee (up until 08/20/2023) or $30 late registration fee for registration after 08/20/2023.
  • 5. Parent needs to volunteer at least 1 non-sutra class during the Pathshala year.
  • 6. 1 parent needs to accompany kids under 6 during the class.
Pathshala coordinator for year 2023-2024: Alpita Gada.
  • 1. As we mentioned, it’s important to maintain 80% attendance. Whether teacher or kid is not going to be able to make it for a particular class, please notify the Pathshala coordinator ahead of time.
  • 2. The Pathshala Co-Ordinator will be compiling a list who would still need to order books based on responses in survey and what will be needed for non-sutra curriculum.
  • 3. If anyone needs Sutra book, JAINA has that book as well (JES941) and can be ordered along with other books. You must inform the Pathshala Co-Ordinator about the book’s requirements.
  • 4. If anyone wants to add their name for Prabhava on a particular day, please inform the Pathshala coordinator.
  • 5. We are looking for volunteer family each week to get Bhagwan ready for Kesar Puja before kids arrive for Practical + Theory Pathshala class from 10.30 to 12. Please sign-up using the below form: Kesar Puja Sign up
  • 6. Important: To reduce the waste of paper cups, the Food committee has requested everyone to bring reusable water bottles from home to the temple. We have water fountain in the kitchen area with filter where you can refill the bottles. This would be a big help to environment.

Note: No water bottle is allowed in temple Gabhara area. Bottles should be left outside the Gabhara area.

Pathshala curriculum:

We have separate “Sutra” Shala and “Non-Sutra” Shala where basic Jainism fundamentals/concepts will be covered. For both Sutra Shala and non-sutra Shala – this is what will be covered depending on the kid’s level.

Sutra Shala:
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Up to Abhutthio (Sutra 1 to 5) Up to Samaiya Vayjutto (Sutra 6 to 11) Up to Kallan Kandam (Sutra 12 to 21) Over Sansar Dava (Sutra 22 onwards)
All sutras needed for Samayik Vidhi All sutras needed for Chaityavandan Vidhi Some of the sutras needed during Pratikraman vidhi
● Navkar Mantra ● Jagchintamani chaityavandan sutra ● Sansardava sutra
● Panchindiya ● Jankinchi sutra ● Pukkharvaradi sutra
● Khamasamano sutra ● Namuthhunam sutra ● Siddhanam buddhanam sutra
● Suguru Sukh-Shata Pruchha sutra ● Javanti cheiayim sutra ● Veyavachchagaranam sutra
● Abbhuthhio Sutra ● Javant kevi sahu sutra ● Bhagwanadivandan sutra
● Iriyavahiyam sutra ● Panchparmeshthi namaskar sutra ● Devasi padikkamane thau sutra
● Tassa uttari sutra ● Uvasaggaharam sutra ● Ichchami thami sutra
● Annathha sutra ● Jayviyaray sutra ● Suguru vandana sutra
● Logassa sutra ● Arihant cheianam sutra ● Devasiyam aaloum sutra
● Karemi bhante sutra ● Kallankandam sutra ● Saat lakh sutra
● Samayik parvanu sutra ● Adhar papsthanak sutra
● Vanditu sutra (for kids who are already more than half way in this section)
● Darshan Stuti (es)

For non-sutra Shala

Exam for JES102 book for older kids (Basics of Jainism) – We covered this book over the past couple of years. Younger kids learned up to chapter 7 in this book so they will continue learning further.

JES203 – The first Step of Jainism

JES203Q – Work Book – The First Step of Jainism – This is a workbook going to be used for homework and checking self-knowledge

Non-Sutra Shala levels
Category Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Comment
Age < 5 Years Between 5 to 10 Years > 10 Years
Basic 24 Tirthankar Names Non-Sutra Yes Yes Yes
24 Tirthankar Lanchhans Non-Sutra Yes Yes
24 Tirthankar Varna (Color) Non-Sutra Yes
Nav Pad Names Non-Sutra Yes Yes Yes
Nav Pad Colors Non-Sutra Yes Yes
Stuties Darshan Dev Devasya Non-Sutra Yes Yes Yes
Mangalam Bhagwan Veero Non-Sutra Yes Yes
Prabhuji Mara Non-Sutra Yes Yes Yes
Daya Sindhu Non-Sutra Yes Yes Yes
Chattari Mangalam Non-Sutra Yes
Aadimam Pruthvi Nath Non-Sutra Yes
Upasargaha Kshyam Yanti Non-Sutra Yes
Prabhu Darshan Non-Sutra
Avyo Sharane Tamara Non-Sutra Yes
Aarti Non-Sutra Yes Yes Yes
Mangal Divo Yes Yes
Derasar Practical Darshan Rituals in Temple – Basic steps/etiquette Practical Yes Yes Yes
Guru Vandan Vidhi Practical Yes Yes
Chaitya Vandan Vidhi Practical Yes
Samayik Levani Vidhi Practical Yes
Ashta Prakari Puja Duha Practical
Nav Ang Puja Duha Practical
Bhamati Duha Practical
Stavans Dada Aadeshwaraji Non-Sutra Yes Yes
Aankhadi Mari Prabhu Non-Sutra Yes
Practical Extra
Practical Extra
Practical Extra
Practical Extra
JES102 Basics of Jainism (Chapters 1 to 5)
JES102 Basics of Jainism (Chapters 6 to 12) Non-Sutra Yes
JES103 Alphabet Book (Letters A to F) Non-Sutra Yes Yes
JES103 Alphabet Book (Letters G to K) Yes
JES 202 Jain Story Book Non-Sutra Yes
JES 203 The First Step of Jainism (Chapters 2.1 to 2.5) Non-Sutra
The First Step of Jainism (Chapters 2.6 to 2.8) Non-Sutra Yes
Activities Trishala Mata Dreams Non-Sutra Yes Yes Yes
Our Tirths (Palitana, Taranga, Pavapuri,
Girnaar, Champapuri, Samet Shikhar etc.)

Pathshala schedule:

Aug to Oct 2023
Aug 20 Sutra
Aug 27 Non-Sutra
Sep 3 Holiday
Sep 10 Sutra
Sep 17 Holiday – Paryushan
Sep 24 Non-Sutra
Oct 1 Sutra
Oct 8 Non-Sutra
Oct 15 Holiday – Pratishtha
Oct 22 Sutra
Oct 29 Non-Sutra
Nov 2023 to Jan 2024
Nov 5 Sutra
Nov 12 Holiday – Diwali at Temple
Nov 19 Non-Sutra
Nov 26 Sutra
Dec 3 Non-Sutra
Dec 10 Sutra
Dec 17 Mid-Term
Dec 24 Holiday – Xmas
Dec 31 Holiday – Xmas
Jan 7 Non-Sutra
Jan 14 Sutra
Jan 21 Non-Sutra
Jan 28 Sutra
Feb to May 2024
Feb 4 Non-Sutra
Feb 11 Sutra
Feb 18 Holiday – President’s Day
Feb 25 Non-Sutra
Mar 3 Sutra
Mar 10 Non-Sutra
Mar 17 Sutra
Mar 24 Holiday – Spring Break – 6 Gau Yatra
Mar 31 Holiday – Spring Break
Apr 7 Non-Sutra
Apr 14 Sutra
Apr 21 Holiday – Mahavir Jayanti Program
Apr 28 Non-Sutra
May 5 Sutra
May 12 Final
May 19 Picnic + Graduation Ceremony